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Addiction Recovery

Doctor and Patient

Helping you feel your best...

We specialize in addition recovery, focusing on the root of the issues instead of just masking the symptoms. Opioid addiction is a crisis in this country. Approximately 130 people die each day from opioid overdose. Studies show that those who participate in an office based treatment or methadone treatment program have a much higher success rate than those who just try to quit. 


Through continued treatment and the use of Suboxone, and Sublocade™ injections, we can help to alleviate symptoms of withdrawals in the process of overcoming addiction. When using Suboxone as directed, it greatly increases your chances of success because it maintains a dopamine level that helps you feel "normal" without opioid misuse. We also have a therapy group that we refer to and can make referrals to a methadone clinic if Suboxone is not for you.

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