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Ketamine Treatments


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Depression affects us all differently. While there are many different approaches to treatment, (some which you may have tried), unfortunately not all are equally effective. Many times this can feel as if nothing is working which understandably can lead to frustration.


Thanks to the latest advances in medical trials and research there is now a new way we are able to provide care to otherwise treatment resistant symptoms of depression. Talk to our providers today to see if Ketamine treatement is right for you!

  • What is Ketamine?
    Ketamine got its start as an anesthetic, and at lower doses it can help relieve pain. Ketamine also helps sedatives work more effectively and may help people need fewer addictive painkillers after surgery. More recently Ketamine has been used as an aid in helping to relieve the symptoms of depression more rapidly than typical antidepressants.
  • How does it work?
    Ketamine works like a flash mob, temporarily taking over a certain chemical receptor. One theory is that ketamine prompts connections to regrow between brain cells that are involved in mood. People typically have to take antidepressants for a few weeks before they may start to work. This is because these medications need to build up in your system before they can start to take effect. Ketamine however is different. As soon as it leaves your body, its effects on easing depression began.
  • When will I notice a difference?
    The effects are different for everybody but typically, you will start to notice a difference almost immedietely after treatment! Others report improvement within several hours or days after treatment. Subsequent treatment has been shown to continuously improve mood as well.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Occasionally some people will experience nausea, but if necessary additional drugs can be requested to counteract this. The most common side effect is a temporary "dissociative" state of mind, meaning things may look and sound different than they usually do and you may feel some confusion for about an hour after your injection. The drug can also cause a temporary spike in blood pressure and heart rate in the short term, but for most people this typically is not a problem.
  • Does someone need to accompany me for treatment?
    It is not necessary for someone to accompany you to the treatment. However you do need to arrange for transportation home afterwards, either by a ride, public transportation, Uber/Lyft or walking. It is imperative that you not drive until the following day.

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